NT Sensors opens its new installations!

NT Sensors, which emerged more than fifteen years ago from the laboratories of the University of Rovira i Virgili (URV), celebrates its worldwide success by opening its new office in Vila Seca. This is a further reflection of the company’s commitment to continuing to evolve and consolidate in the market.

The celebration took place on February 22nd and attended workers, media and the board of partners of NT Sensors, who celebrated the success of the company. Cristina Cid, CEO and co-founder of NT Sensors, believed almost two decades ago in the potential of new electrochemical sensors to quickly analyze aqueous samples, and with the hand of the URV and the members of her research group, decided to embark on the adventure of transforming her idea into a commercial product. Today, NT Sensors has become a company capable of doing analytics in very diverse sectors such as agriculture, industry or water quality control.


NT SensorsAfter two decades, the team at NT Sensors can be completely proud of the company’s satisfactory business career.

Although it is now a firm established in the market, as in the vast majority of beginnings, the first years were not easy at all. At first, the company received negative responses from large companies, who were reluctant to innovate by testing their products. They started from scratch and without the possibility of making a big marketing capable of promote their products in a competitive market. The result we can see now is the result of many years of hard work and a team committed to achieving their goals, thanks to which NT Sensors has managed to be part of the international market and that its sensors come out from Tarragona to every corner of the world.

NT Sensors is the clear example that a spin-off born from university research can become a successful company and be competitive in the market.


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Analizador de nutrientes del suelo

Soil Nutrient Analyzer with ISEs

How Soil Nutrient Analyzers with Ion Selectivity Can Revolutionize Agriculture

Beneath the calm surface of the earth lies a secret world of nutrients, essential for sustaining plant life and nourishing abundant crops. These vital elements, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, orchestrate the symphony of growth, feeding the green tapestry that adorns our landscapes. However, deciphering the intricate dance of soil nutrients remains a challenge, a quest that has inspired innovation and led to the development of remarkable tools like the soil nutrient analyzer with ion selectivity.

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The Realm of Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)

At the heart of this technological advance lies the Ion Selective Electrode (ISE), a marvel of modern science. These delicate instruments resemble microscopic sentinels, ready to detect the subtle whispers of ions swirling in the earth’s lap. Their intricate design leverages the power of chemical affinity, allowing them to selectively bind to specific ions, similar to magnets attracting their twin souls.

Soil Nutrient Analyzer

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Unlocking the Secrets of Soil Nutrient Levels

The soil nutrient analyzer with ion selectivity perfectly integrates the power of ISEs, transforming them into a formidable tool. This remarkable device has an exceptional range of capabilities, able to simultaneously measure up to ten vital parameters, including pH, chloride (Cl-), nitrate (NO3-), ammonium (NH4+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), potassium (K+), sodium (Na+), hardness, and conductivity.

Precision Agriculture: A New Era of Soil Management

The integration of ISE technology into agricultural practices has ushered in a new era of precision agriculture. By providing real-time information on soil nutrient levels, farmers can make informed decisions about fertilizer application, optimizing resource utilization, and maximizing crop yields. This approach not only improves productivity but also minimizes environmental impact, ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

A Symphony of Validation

The effectiveness of the soil nutrient analyzer with ion selectivity has been rigorously tested and validated by NT Sensors. A comprehensive comparative study involving four different laboratories demonstrated remarkable consistency in the results obtained using the IMACIMUS equipment. This testament to its accuracy empowers farmers with the confidence to rely on their data-driven insights.

A Glimpse into the Future

As ISE technology continues to evolve, its potential to transform agricultural practices is boundless. The miniaturization of ISEs offers the promise of portable field devices, enabling farmers to monitor soil nutrient levels directly in their fields, providing real-time guidance for informed decision-making. This revolution in soil nutrient analysis is poised to revolutionize agriculture, leading to a future where every crop thrives, nourished by the wisdom of science.

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Nutrient Analyzer

Nutrient Analysis for Agriculture

imacimus 10

Choosing the Right Hydroponics Nutrient Meter

Elevate Your Hydroponic Gardening with the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter

imacimus 10

In the realm of Hydroponics Nutrient Meter, where precision and control reign supreme, the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter stands as the pinnacle of nutrient monitoring technology. This exceptional tool empowers hydroponic enthusiasts to achieve unparalleled success in their endeavors, ensuring the optimal growth and health of their precious plants.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Precision

The Imacimus 10 Ion Meter sets the gold standard for accuracy and precision, delivering EC readings with unwavering precision. This accuracy is crucial for ensuring that your plants receive the exact nutrient balance they need to thrive, preventing nutrient deficiencies and toxicities that could hinder their growth and productivity.

Uncompromising Durability for Long-lasting Performance

Designed to withstand the rigors of hydroponic use, the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter is built to last. Its robust construction ensures years of reliable performance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of precise nutrient monitoring for an extended period.

Intuitive Operation for Seamless Integration

The Imacimus 10 Ion Meter is engineered for effortless operation, Hydroponics analyzer, making it easy to integrate into your hydroponic routine. Its intuitive interface and simple design ensure that you can effortlessly monitor nutrient levels and make informed adjustments to achieve optimal plant health.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Hydroponics Nutrient Meter

  • Enhance Plant Health: Prevent nutrient deficiencies and toxicities.
  • Optimize Nutrient Use: Minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
  • Boost Yields: Achieve higher yields of superior quality produce.
  • Ensure Consistent Results: Maintain optimal nutrient levels consistently.

Partner with the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter for Hydroponic Success

Embrace the cutting-edge technology of the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter and elevate your hydroponic gardening to new heights. With its unparalleled accuracy, uncompromising durability, and intuitive operation, this remarkable tool is the key to achieving the ultimate hydroponic garden: one that is brimming with healthy, productive plants and yields bountiful harvests.

4 Features of Hydroponic Nutrient SensorExperience the Imacimus 10 Ion Meter Difference and Discover the True Meaning of Hydroponic Excellence.

Imacimus Series

NT Sensors new and improved location

NT Sensors, known for their advanced technology in the manufacturing of Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) and electrochemical solutions for the analysis of a wide range of ions in various liquids, has announced an exciting development. The company is relocating to a new and improved location, marking a significant step in its evolution and growth.

This move to a larger and more modern facility will enable NT Sensors to continue expanding its high-quality product range and enhance its ability to deliver exceptional service to clients across multiple sectors, including agriculture, education, research, industry, and more.

This relocation to a more spacious and advanced facility reflects NT Sensors’ commitment to innovation and customer service. In their new location, the company will be better positioned to develop and refine their products, as well as provide more efficient and effective support. The new headquarters will also allow NT Sensors to maintain its leadership in the field of ion analysis, offering advanced solutions that meet the changing needs and standards of various industries.

NT Sensors’ move to a new location is not only a significant step forward for the company but also a promise of continued innovation and excellence in the field of electrochemical analysis. With this transition, NT Sensors is poised to continue offering cutting-edge products and services, upholding its commitment to quality, precision, and customer service.

The Principle Behind ISE Technology

Ion Selective Electrodes in Water Nutrient Measurement

Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) – Pioneers in Water Nutrient Analysis

Applications of Ion Selective Electrodes

Understanding Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)

Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) are specialized sensors used in analytical chemistry, particularly in the measurement of ion concentrations in water. These electrodes are sensitive to specific ions and provide a voltage that can be translated into ion concentration. This method is known for its precision and specificity, making it a popular choice in environmental monitoring and water quality assessment. Learn more about ISE applications.

The Principle Behind ISE Technology

ISEs function based on the Nernst equation, which relates the electrode potential to the ion concentration. Each ISE has a unique membrane that selectively allows specific ions to pass through. This selectivity is crucial for accurate measurements in complex solutions like environmental water samples, where multiple ions may be present. Discover the challenges in using ISEs.

Advantages of Using ISE for Water Nutrient Measurement

advantages of using Ion-Selective ElectrodesISEs offer several advantages over traditional methods of nutrient measurement. They provide rapid, on-site analysis, which is essential for timely decision-making in environmental management. Their high specificity reduces interference from other ions, ensuring accurate readings. Additionally, ISEs are relatively easy to use and can be integrated into automated systems for continuous monitoring. Understand the principles behind these advantages.

Applications of Ion Selective Electrodes in Various Fields

ISE in water are widely used in fields ranging from environmental science to agriculture and industrial processes. In environmental monitoring, they are used to track nutrient pollution in water bodies, aiding in the protection of aquatic ecosystems. In agriculture, ISEs help in managing soil nutrient levels, directly impacting crop yield and health. Industrial applications include monitoring of wastewater and process streams. Learn more about ISE technology.

Challenges and Considerations in Using ISEs

Despite their advantages, ISEs come with challenges. Calibration and maintenance are crucial for accurate measurements. The presence of interfering ions can sometimes lead to erroneous readings, requiring careful sample preparation and analysis. Additionally, the lifespan of the electrode membrane and its sensitivity to changes in temperature and pH are important considerations for reliable use. Explore the benefits of using ISEs.


Nitrate Ions: An Essential Component of Soil Fertility and Agriculture

Ion Selective Electrode Chloride Measurement

Ion Selective Electrode Chloride: A Revolution in Precise Ion Measurement

Ion selective electrodes, specifically those designed for chloride ions, represent a pinnacle in the precision measurement of ionic concentrations. This comprehensive guide explores the intricate world of chloride ion selective electrode (ISE) technology – from its fundamental principles to its varied applications in numerous industries.

Introduction to Ion Selective Electrode Chloride

Understanding what ion selective electrode chloride is, forms the foundation of appreciating its technological significance. An ion selective electrode for chloride is a specialized sensor used to measure the concentration of chloride ions in various solutions accurately. It is a cornerstone in fields requiring detailed ion analysis due to its unparalleled specificity and sensitivity.

The Science Behind Chloride ISE

The operating principle of chloride ISEs is fascinating, offering a glimpse into advanced analytical chemistry. These electrodes function based on the Nernst principle, where a potential difference is created in response to the concentration of chloride ions in a solution. This potential is then measured and converted into a readable value, reflecting the concentration of chloride ions with high precision.

Diverse Applications: From Laboratories to Fieldwork

Chloride ISE are not confined to laboratory settings; their applications span across various sectors, making them versatile tools in both scientific and industrial realms.

Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology for chloride has revolutionized the approach to measuring chloride ions across various industries. This specialized sensor, functioning on the principle of selective ion exchange, is acclaimed for its specificity and sensitivity. Essential in laboratory and fieldwork, ISE chloride electrodes are pivotal in applications such as environmental monitoring, healthcare, food safety, and agriculture. These electrodes operate based on the Nernst principle, creating a potential difference in response to chloride ion concentrations in a solution, thereby offering precise and quantifiable measurements.

    • Environmental Monitoring: In assessing water quality, chloride ISEs play a crucial role in detecting pollution levels and maintaining ecosystem balance.
    • Medical Field: These electrodes are instrumental in clinical diagnostics, particularly in electrolyte testing for various health conditions.
    • Food Industry: Ensuring the safety and quality of food products, chloride ISEs contribute significantly to food analysis and quality control.
    • Agricultural Applications: Soil testing is another area where chloride ISEs are invaluable, helping to determine the optimal conditions for crop growth.

The ion selective electrode chloride technology is a critical component in modern analytical processes. Its precision, versatility, and adaptability to various applications make it an essential tool in advancing scientific and industrial pursuits.

Advancing with Technology: Our Ion Selective Sensor for Chloride

At the forefront of this technological domain, our ion selective electrode chloride stands out for its enhanced accuracy, robust construction, and user-friendly interface. It is tailored to provide consistent and reliable results under a variety of testing conditions, affirming its superiority in the market.

Real-World Success Stories

The versatility of ISE chloride is evident in its widespread use. Environmentalists utilize it for water quality testing, detecting pollution levels to maintain ecological balance. In healthcare, it’s crucial for electrolyte testing and diagnosing various conditions. The food industry relies on it for ensuring product quality and safety. In agriculture, it’s indispensable for soil testing to determine optimal crop growth conditions.

Getting Started with ISE Chloride

For those new to this technology, this section offers a step-by-step guide on how to use the chloride ion selective electrode effectively, including tips for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Unlocking the Potential of ISE Chloride Technology

Our ISE chloride electrode stands out for its enhanced precision, robustness, and user-friendly design, ensuring consistent results in diverse testing conditions. This technology not only signifies a leap in analytical chemistry but also serves as a cornerstone in scientific and industrial applications due to its precision, adaptability, and reliability.

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Imacimus 10: Revolutionizing Ion Measurement

Advanced Agriculture Solutions

Revolutionize Farming with imacimus 10 Full

Portable Lab

1 Unique Meter

Optimize fertilizer usage for maximum crop yield with precise nutrient measurement.

10 Up Parameters

Advanced electrochemical techniques for accurate yield management.

60 Seconds Efficiency

Quick and efficient resource management, reducing environmental impact.

Advanced Potentiometry Technique

Economical, easy-to-operate in situ analysis with a wide concentration measurement range.

Essential for determining pH, CE, and nutrient-soluble ions like nitrates, chlorides, and more.

Measure 7 ions plus pH, EC, and water hardness. Perfect for comprehensive soil analysis.

Discover the Future of Farming

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A Unique Approach to Ion Analysis

Introducing the Imacimus 10, a unique and advanced ion meter capable of analyzing up to 10 parameters in just 60 seconds. This precision instrument is designed for a wide range of applications, providing rapid and accurate results.

1 Unique Meter for Optimal Performance

The Imacimus 10 is not just any meter; it’s a one-of-a-kind solution for precise fertilizer dosing and optimal performance in various environmental conditions.

10 Up Parameters: Advanced Electrochemical Technique

Featuring advanced electrochemical techniques, the Imacimus 10 delivers precision and accuracy in managing yield evolution, making it a leader in its field.

60 Seconds to Measure 10 Parameters

Boasting a quick 60-second turnaround time, the Imacimus 10 Multi ION equipment promotes rational resource use and reduces environmental impact.

Versatile Applications of Imacimus 10

The Imacimus 10 Multi ION & pH meter is versatile, ideal for applications in wastewater, well water, seawater, drinking water, and more.

    • Wastewater Analysis
    • Well Water Testing
    • Seawater and Salinity Measurements
    • Drinking Water Safety Checks

Complete Kit for Comprehensive Analysis

The Imacimus 10 comes as a complete kit, including ISE electrodes, probes, a reference electrode, potentiometer, standard calibration solutions, pH buffers, and a measurement case for thorough sample analysis.

Innovative Technology Behind Imacimus 10

Utilizing solid-state ion-selective electrodes and nanotechnology, the Imacimus 10 allows for the miniaturization of ISEs, enabling the determination of up to 10 parameters using just two probes.

Validation and Reliability

Validated by NT Sensors, the Imacimus 10 has been tested and compared with results from four different laboratories, confirming its reliability and consistency in analysis.

Discover the Future of Farming

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Advanced Nutrient Analysis with the Ion Meter

Discover unparalleled accuracy in nutrient measurement with our ion meter, an essential tool for hydroponics professionals and enthusiasts. The cutting-edge technology from Imacimus and NTsensors ensures reliable and consistent nutrient management. Our nutrient ion meter stands out for its precision, making it a top choice for a wide range of applications.

Portable Nutrient Meters for On-Site Analysis

Experience the convenience of in-situ measurements with our portable nutrient meter. Ideal for quick and efficient analysis, this tool is perfect for both laboratory use and field applications. Its versatility makes it an invaluable asset for water nutrient measurement.

Hydroponic Nutrient Analyzer for Optimized Plant Growth

The hydroponic nutrient analyzer is a game-changer for hydroponics enthusiasts. It provides detailed insights into nutrient levels, ensuring optimal plant growth. Learn more about this revolutionary tool on NTsensors.com.

Comprehensive Monitoring with the Multiparameter Ion Meter

Our multiparameter ion meter offers comprehensive water quality analysis, crucial for advanced cultivation operations. Measure multiple parameters with a single device, ensuring efficient water resource management.

Agriculture nutrient Analysis

Imacimus: Leading in Ion Sensing Technology

Imacimus, known for its ion sensors meters, provides state-of-the-art solutions for nutrient and ion analysis. The Imacimus 10, a flagship product, sets new standards in the industry with its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

Accurate Nutrient Testing with the Nutrient Tester

The nutrient tester and nutrient sensor for hydroponics are designed for precise nutrient analysis. These tools are essential for maintaining the ideal nutrient balance in hydroponic systems, contributing to healthier plant growth and increased yield.

Affordable Solutions: Nutrient Analyzer Price Considerations

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions. Our range of nutrient analyzers is priced competitively, offering the best value without compromising on quality. Check out the nutrient analyzer price list on our website for affordable options.

Diverse Applications: From Ion Tester to Water Nutrient Sensors

Our products, including the ion tester and water nutrient sensors, cater to a wide range of applications. Whether it’s for agricultural, environmental, or educational purposes, our tools provide accurate and reliable data.

Exploring Ion Analysis with Ion 10 Technology

The ion 10 series represents the next step in ion analysis technology. These advanced meters provide not just nutrient data but a full spectrum of ion measurement, essential for detailed water analysis and nutrient management.

Comprehensive Water Nutrient Measurement

Accurate water nutrient measurement is key to sustainable water management. Our devices, including the water nutrient multi-parameter and water nutrient multiparameter meters, offer comprehensive analysis for a variety of water quality parameters.

Downloadable Solutions: Ion Software and More

Stay up-to-date with the latest in ion measurement technology. Our ion software download section provides the newest updates and enhancements for our ion meters, ensuring you always have access to the most advanced features.

Specialized Measurement with Specific Ion Meter

For targeted ion analysis, our specific ion meter range is designed to provide precise readings for individual ions. This specialized approach is crucial for detailed studies and specific applications in various industries.

Water Nutrient Sensors: Precision in Every Drop

Our water nutrient sensors are engineered for precision and reliability, offering detailed insights into the nutrient composition of water sources. These sensors are indispensable tools for environmental monitoring and agricultural planning.Nutrient analyzer

Imacimus 10: The Future of Ion Measurement

The Imacimus 10 represents the pinnacle of our ion meter range. Combining robust functionality with user-friendly design, this device is a favorite among professionals for its accuracy and versatility in nutrient and ion measurement.

Ion Nutrition: A New Perspective

Understanding ion nutrition is vital for the health and growth of plants. Our tools provide detailed insights into ion concentrations, helping growers optimize nutrient solutions for enhanced plant health and productivity.

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Optimizing Wine Quality with Advanced Potassium Analysis

Explore the fascinating world of wine chemistry and understand why potassium is essential to maintaining the chemical and organoleptic stability of wine.

Discover how our potassium meter “Imacimus K-Vi” revolutionizes oenology, providing fast and accurate measurements to ensure the best quality of wine. Learn more about potassium management and its critical impact on the taste, aroma and stability of wine.

Product Description

Imacimus K-Vi is a state-of-the-art potassium analyzer, ideal for precise determination of potassium in wine. This potassium measuring instrument provides reliable results in a matter of seconds, facilitating thorough control during the winemaking process.

Impact of Potassium on Wine Quality

Potassium plays a fundamental role in winemaking. Its proper management directly influences the taste, colour and aroma profile of the wine. Learn how accurate potassium control can significantly improve the quality of your wine.

Advantages of Using Potassium Measurement

Using our potassium sensor in winemaking ensures superior quality and greater stability of the final product. Discover how potassium measurement can transform your oenological process.

Measurement Process K-

With the Imacimus K-Vi, the measurement of potassium in wine is simple and direct. Our system ensures fast calibration and precise analysis, allowing for immediate evaluation of the quality of the wine.



Are you ready to take your wine production to the next level? Contact us for a demonstration of Imacimus K-Vi and discover the difference that accurate potassium analysis can make in your wine.

Ion Selective Electrode Meters in Water Testing and Analysis

Understanding Ion Selective Electrode meters

Visualize this: Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) analyzers are akin to the superheroes of the water testing realm. They’re portable devices that possess an extraordinary capability to detect and measure the concentration of various ions in water. These ions might be heroes, like essential minerals, or adversaries, such as harmful contaminants. ISE analyzers come to the rescue to ensure the safety and purity of our water.

How Ion Selective Electrode Analyzers Operate

Now, let’s delve into the science behind these fantastic tools. Envision your ISE analyzer as a detective. It employs a minuscule, sensitive electrode to measure the electrical potential of specific ions in the water. When it identifies an ion, it converts this data into a measurable value, almost like an encrypted code. This code discloses the ion’s concentration, allowing us to ascertain whether our water is as clean and pure as it should be.

Benefits of Utilizing Ion Selective Electrode meter

Why do we hold ISE analyzers in such high regard? First and foremost, they are remarkably swift. These analyzers can deliver results in the blink of an eye, even quicker than you can say “H2O.” Furthermore, they boast an extensive measurement range, making them suitable for analyzing small samples or vast bodies of water. Moreover, they are exceedingly discerning in a positive way – they have the ability to selectively measure specific ions of interest. Convenient, portable, and user-friendly, ISE analyzers are akin to the indispensable sidekicks of water testing.

Applications of Ion Selective Electrode meter in Water Analysis

What can these reliable companions accomplish? They are capable of testing drinking water for detrimental ions such as fluoride and chloride. Additionally, they can assist scientists in scrutinizing water samples within a laboratory setting. Whether you’re in the field or in a lab, ISE analyzers are always ready to provide their assistance. They play a crucial role in ensuring that our water complies with regulatory standards and does not pose concealed health hazards.

Considerations When Selecting an Ion Selective Electrode Analyzer

Selecting the appropriate ISE analyzer is analogous to picking the perfect tool from Batman’s utility belt. You should take into account factors such as the ions you need to measure, the measurement range, and the analyzer’s durability. Ensure it’s lightweight and easy to handle, as you wouldn’t want to carry around a cumbersome gadget during your water testing missions.

Proper Maintenance and Calibration of Ion Selective Electrode Analyzers

Similar to any superhero, ISE analyzers require a degree of maintenance to remain in peak condition. Regular calibration and cleaning are imperative. Think of this as their version of a spa day. By taking good care of your ISE analyzer, you guarantee that it continues to offer precise and reliable results.

Comparison of Ion Selective Electrode Analyzers with Other Water Testing Methods

In the realm of water analysis, ISE analyzers are akin to the Formula 1 race cars. They are lightning-fast, incredibly accurate, and easily portable. Compare this to alternative methods, and you’ll recognize that ISE analyzers hold a distinct advantage. They represent the first choice when speed, precision, and convenience are of paramount importance.

Top Brands and Models of Ion Selective Electrode meter

When it comes to selecting the finest ISE analyzer, you’re presented with a range of options, much like a menu at your favorite restaurant. Some of the leading brands and models include imacimus series. These are renowned for their reliability and precision, making them a dependable choice for your testing needs.

Nutrient analyzer imacimus 10

The Significance of Ion Selective Electrode Analyzers in Water Analysis

In a world where water quality has never been more critical, ISE analyzers stand as our steadfast companions. They function as the loyal sidekicks in the mission to ensure the purity and safety of our water. These remarkable tools provide swift, accurate, and selective measurements, playing an indispensable role in safeguarding our environment and the well-being of humanity. Truly, they are the unsung heroes of water analysis!

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