Imacimus Series (also called NTx series) reaches a maximum level of performance and functionality for all applications. Meters are designed from the novel to the most demanding profile analyst. NTx Series: meters mV / multichannel ionmeters based on a PC software.

NT Sensors sells a whole new generation of models to allow real multiparameter measurement. These devices allow the measurement of up to 10 parameters simultaneously, using the technology of the multi-ion sensor.

Depending on your needs our technical department will advise you on the choice of one meter or another. Lightweighted, small size and fully portable with its power via USB. The NTx is available and ready for any user, obtaining comprehensive analytical information. Tests in 1 minute of up to 7 ions (pH) + electrical conductivity and water hardness*.

Multiparameter measurements in a fast, easy and effective way; and IoT friendly.

NT Sensors has the solution for water quality and nutrients monitoring.

* Only available for Imacimus 10 series.

mtx10 imacimus

Channels 8
Connector type 1 x BNC + 1 x Multipin for MultiProbe Use with Multi ION Probe
Features Meter for IMACIMUS application Measuring range -2500 a 2500 mV
Input impedance
Resolution 1e12ohms
Dimensions 130 x 100 x 30 mm

8-Channel ION/ pH /mV Meter Multi ION & pH Meter for ION sensing.

• Use with MultiION Probe
• Simultaneous Calibration and Measurement.

• Customize your own standards
• mV reading
• Online mV or Concentration monitoring
• Data in *csv or Excel files
• Software Windows ( required /included)

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