Multi ION Probe

Multi Ion Probe

Multi ION Probe

NT Sensors presents worldwide on Ion Multi System, a revolutionary concept of using Ion-selective electrodes (ISE) as a multiparameter equipment.

Multi ION Probe is a multiple head probe. It allows to insert up to seven (7) different ISE in its housing. Easy customizable, replaceable and upgrade by the user. Check our video tutorials section to know how are easy to exchange sensors.

Individual sensors, ISE, allow to have an accurate determination of ionic species, such as calcium, chloride, sodium, nitrate, ammonium, magnesium,  potassium, etc, up to seven ISE managed as one probe, also with multiple calibration solutions, perform measurements and calibrations of all the 7 ions at once!

This innovative concept allows the to determine up to  7 ions simultaneously.
A product that provides a simple, efficient and fast solution saving in reagents and analysis time. The Multi configured for ion probe can analyze from 2-7 different ions in the same diameter of only 25 mm.

The required volume is of 10 mL per sample ( non-destructive technique).


Diameter 25 mm
Lenght 150 mm
Connector  USB 3.0 with  Cable 1m. Other terminations for OEM.

Available and customizable for different input. Compatible with multichannel meters with different BNC/or M12 multipin connector.

Works with a Standard Reference Electrode. For use with Imacimus Series / Multiparameter meters.
Customizable OEM



  • (NH4+) Ammonium
  • (NO2-) Nitrite
  • (NO3-) Nitrate
  • pH (CNT_ISE)
  • Reference Electrode
  • (ClO4-) Perchlorate
  • (Ag+) Silver
  • (Br-) Bromide
  • (I-) Iodide
  • (Ca2+) Calcium
  • (Cl-) Chloride
  • (Cu2+) Copper
  • (F-) Fluoride
  • (K+) Potassium
  • (Li+) Lithium
  • (Mg2+) Magnesium
  • (Na+) Sodium


Miniature ion selective electrode. Half Cell Micro Electrode solid state compact. Requires a separate reference electrode for operation.

  • Solid State
  • Insensitive to light intensity changes
  • Without Maintenance
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Measures in any position / orientation
  • Easy to use
  • No pretreatment of the sample
  • Multiparameter meter available
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Different Connectors available