Ion-selective electrodes + probes

When it comes to measuring ions, ion-selective electrodes and probes are essential tools for accurate and reliable results. These electrodes are designed to selectively respond to specific ions and generate an electrical signal that can be measured by ion meters or measuring equipment.

    At NT Sensors, we offer a wide selection of ion-selective electrodes and probes for measuring ions such as ammonium, copper, chloride, and calcium. Our electrodes are made with high-quality materials to ensure accuracy, reliability, and durability.
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    In addition to our electrodes, we also offer a variety of ion meters and measuring equipment to fit your specific needs. Our expert team can help you choose the right equipment for your application and provide guidance on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.

    Investing in high-quality ion-selective electrodes, probes, and measuring equipment is essential for accurate and reliable results in laboratory and industrial applications.

    Trust NT Sensors for all your ion measurement needs.