Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode ISE

Use ammonium ion selective electrode (ISE) to measure the NH4+ ion in aqueous solutions.

Ammonium electrode is a half-cell probe, and is able to detect ammonium ions. This type of ISE is all-solid state, based on the carbon nanotube technology. As  result, this sensor is built-up with robust body, solid-state and membrane selectivearea. Ammonium ion selective electrode is compatible for use with any Ion or mV meter and a reference electrode.

Above all, the ammonium sensor is ideal for measuring NH4+ concentrations in drinking water, tap water, wastewater and general water quality applications; for example:

  • Unique solid-state sensor nanotechnology inside.
  • Requires virtually zero maintenance.
  • Provides fast, stable, and accurate response in a variety of sample types.
  • Replaceable sensor tip.




Mini 2.5: Miniature electrode for ammonium

Mini probes that are ideal for research applications or ultra-low volume purposes. Capable to work in al positions (vertical, horizontal, upside down).  In addition, the carbon nanotubes provides the real miniaturization. Moreover, retaining good performance in terms of ease of use and robustness of operation.

Ammonium ion selective electrodeREF: M018

Diameter: 2,5 mm

Minimum sample volume: 0,25 ml

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Single Ion: Ammonium electrode

The most classic look-like ion selective electrode, with innovative replaceable tip and probe holder for several tip sensors. Discover this electrode, one body, multiple sensor tips.

Ammonium ion selective electrodeREF: S018

Diameter: 12 mm; conector type: BNC 1m cable

Minimum sample volume: 5 ml

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Range (concentration): 0,09 to 9000 mg/L
Reproducibility (precision): ±10% of full scale (calibrated 10 to 1000 mg/L)
Interfering ions: K, Na, Mg2+, Ca2+
pH range: 4 to 8.5 (no pH compensation)
Temperature range: 4 – 40°C (no temperature compensation)
Electrode slope: 54 ±5 mV
Electrode resistance: 1–4 MΩ
Immersion minimum: 2 mm
Body diameter: see different sensors

Where is ammonium measurement required so far?

Ammonium ion is mainly encountered as a waste product in municipal wastewater in the form of urea. As a consequence, water sources with an ammonium concentration of 1 mg/l are not suitable. The use the ammonium ion selective electrode  helps to know your water quality and avoid serious problems.

Some specific use of the ammonium electrode are; for example:

  • Studying the spread of harmful substances from diffuse sources.
  • Monitoring aquaculture crops to point out dirtiness due to excessive nutrient concentration.
  • Monitoring nutrient content in natural waters.
  • Measure ammonia introduced from fertilizers.
  • Can monitore the equilibrium and indicate aqueous ammonia levels when samples are acidified to convert NH3 to NH4+.


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