Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

The Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) can be used to measure the concentration of this parameter (NO3) in aqueous samples.

In addition, NT Sensors manufactures high quality. Reliable and low volume nitrate selective electrodes based on the latest nanotechnology and innovative research.

Nitrate concentration can be increased by: acidic rainfall, fertilizer runoff from fields and plant or animal decay or waste. Is an important parameter in nearly all water quality studies. However, water quality it’s not the only analyis you can use this ion for, it’s also important, for example:

  • Soil Extracts
  • Soils and Plant Tissue (dissolved in an aqueuous sample)
  • Food such as meat, potatoes or spinach

The Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode is a half reference electrode, all-solid state. Like all other PVC ISE membranes, the ISE has a limited lifespan. However, the replaceable module of ISE allows you to simply discard the used membrane module, and replace it with a new one. Above all, check different nitrate modules and sensors available.

nitrate ion selective electrode
  • Range (concentration): 1 to 32,000 mg/L (or ppm)
  • Reproducibility (precision): ±10% of full scale (calibrated 10 to 1000 mg/L)
  • Interfering ions: CIO4, I, ClO3, CN, BF4
  • pH range: 2–11 (no pH compensation)
  • Temperature range: 0–40°C (no temperature compensation)
  • Electrode slope: +56 ±4 mV/decade at 25°C
  • Electrode resistance: 1–4 MΩ
  • Immersion minimum: 2 mm
  • Electrode length: 155 mm
  • Body diameter: see different sensors

Where is Nitrate measurement required so far?

A nitrate meter is used to measure the concentration of nitrate in water. Nitrate is found naturally in water and is not harmful at low levels. At high levels, however, nitrate is harmful to aquatic ecosystems and, if found in potable water, can also be harmful to human health.

Our nitrate monitor is ideal for commercial and industrial uses, such as monitoring water discharged from factories and wastewater that is to be released into a river having been treated. NT Sensors nitrate meters are also used for environmental monitoring purposes.

Finally, the NT Sensors Nitrate Ion meter can be used to measure NO3-N concentration in soil samples. It is an easy-to-use pocket-sized meter that provides quick results for on-site testing, thus eliminating the need to transport samples to a laboratory for colorimetric or chromatography analysis performed by trained analyst.

Soil testing has been used effectively over the years in determining the availability of nutrients for plants. Nitrogen is one of these essential nutrients, which is converted to amino acids and then utilized in producing necessary enzymes and structural parts of the plant.