AMIC – Automatic ION Meter

automatic ion meter AMIC

The automatic ion meter AMIC equipment is ready for continuous and simultaneous analysis of processed water, waste water, hydroponic systems, algae reactors, and any other place where automatic information about ionic sample composition is needed.

Measures up to 7 ions simultaneously: Ca2+,Cl-,K+,Na+,NH4+, NO3-, Mg

Direct measurement: There’s no sample pre-treatment necessary and it’s not interfered by sample colour or turbidity.

Obtain readings through a multi ion probe configured with specific modular ion selective electrodes. This method provides a wide measurement range (see specifications table for each ion) and avoids cross interferences using combinations of electrodes.

The equipment is built in an IP66 box that can be placed either indoors or outdoors. You can configure the sample intake according to the sampling point (atmospheric pressure or positive pressure). It also has got auto-diagnosis functions to inform users when something is not exactly right.

Easy setup and handling.