Fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE)

Measure fluoride ion in aqueous solutions. NT Sensors puts at your disposal high quality, reliable, fast and affordable fluoride ion selective electrodes based on latest nanotechnology innovative research.

Fluoride is an electrode with an epoxide body. Its main applications are to determine fluoride-free ions in:

  • Drinking water
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine
  • Plants
  • Food emulsions
  • Sripped acids

Therefore, it is useful to analyze water and food quality.

Its concentrations in water may cause tooth damage, growth disorders and so on and one of the possible sources of fluoride is landfills. Rain washes out those substances from landfills, which can enter the groundwater. As a consequence, the leachate from landfills must be monitored for those concentrations to avoid possible damages. Measurement through fuoride electrodes is a fast and affordable method to determine the the parameter in watery samples.

fluoride ion selective electrode

fluoride ion selective electrodeREF: M019
Diameter: 2,5 mm
Minimum sample volume: 0,25 ml

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