Technical Support Services

In case your product stop working properly or you need technical assistance, we put at your disposal the following tools:

  • Consult manuals, tutorials, and FAQ available for your product in the Resources section.
  • Use the forum to search similar issues, solved to other users; open a new post if there is nothing related.
  • In case we suspect your product is faulty, the Technical Service will ask you to fill the following form, providing as much information as possible about the problem. Our Technical Service will help you to solve it.

If the product can not be repaired in the distance, you will have to send it back to NT Sensors offices. Our Technical Service will provide you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and clear instructions. Label all the products with this RMA and package them carefully. Once closed the package, label it with the RMA number and remember to include the word “fragile” in a visible place. The package will be sent with payed shipping to the Technical Service address.

Once received the material in NT Sensors, we will proceed with its inspection and reparation. We will back it to you as soon as possible.


Before sending back a product to NT Sensors, ensure the warranty is still valid, please, check your invoice. Read carefully the document Terms and Conditions.

Technical Support Service request

If you are a NT Sensors customer and need technical assistance, the following tools are at your disposal:

  • The Resources website section: technical guides, tutorials, and FAQs available for any product currently offered in the catalog.
  • The Technical Support Service Center: an individual consultancy service exclusive for customers that require on-line sessions with our R&D team members. This service consists of personal video conference sessions to solve urgent questions.

If you are interested in this service, you need to contact us sending a mail to . Do not forget to provide us as much information as possible about the concerns you would like to discuss. Our Technical Support Service Team will help you to solve them.