Warranty & reimbursement

We do our best for providing high quality products. If you experience any problem with the items shipped, contact us for an RMA number. Our technical service will contact you to determine whether the merchandise must be replaced or repaired.

Important: Before requesting for the RMA, read first the document: Terms & Conditions.

The customer has 15 days from the day the order is received to detect any failure and report that to NT Sensors. In the event of return, this must be communicated previously, and the acceptation limit. Always must be prepaid.

Shipment and original packing shall be in perfect conditions. It will be not accepted returns form solutions or special customized materials

Any other failure reported after these 15 days may not be considered under warranty.

The customer must follow the RMA process and wait for an RMA number authorization. The customer always pays for the shipping to NT Sensors. If the material was purchased one year ago is suitable to be covered by the warranty and in this case the rest of costs in the operation are payed by NT Sensors. If the material was damaged by bad usage, if there is not a failure, or if the RMA process was not respected, then this RMA is not in warranty and all costs are covered by the customer.

Any NT Sensors delivered material is guaranteed against manufacturing defects according European norm 89/655/CEE. • Lack of proper maintenance and alteration or change of any component disclaims all manufacturer responsibility for any damages that may occur. • See guaranty delivered with every material.


Warranty and Warranty Period NT Sensors guarantees that its Products comply with the specifications in its offers for a period of two (2) year from the date of delivery, invoice document, or shipping document giving evidence (“the Warranty Period”), provided that they are handled, shipped, stored, operated, used and maintained according to the instructions in NT Sensors User´s Guides. Therefore, NT Sensors assumes liability only for non-conformities caused by actions or negligence attributable to NT Sensors before the Products were delivered to the first carrier. Customer/OEM Customer shall check deliveries immediately after reception at destination and shall inform NT Sensors in writing within seven (7) days about any apparent non-conformity. After such term, Customer/OEM Customer shall not be entitled to bring any claim regarding quantitative shortcomings or apparent non-conformities which should have been noticed during unboxing/unpacking, and NT Sensors shall not be obliged to accept return of such Products. Claims for hidden defects or qualitative non-conformities must reach NT Sensors in writing within thirty (30) days after Customer/OEM Customer learned of the non-conformity, and in any event, within the Warranty Period.

Warranty Procedure

The following procedure shall apply to any non-conformity notified to NT Sensors within the Warranty Period: Customer/OEM Customer shall report any alleged non-conformity to NT Sensors´s After Sales Service written by e-mail at ntsensors@ntsensors.com, including a detailed list of all alleged non- conformities; NT Sensors shall count on five (5) banking days to reply, either by admitting the claim, or by rejecting it; If the claim is admitted, NT Sensors shall notify its acceptance to Customer/OEM Customer and shall choose, at its discretion, either to replace or amend the non-conforming Product at no additional cost to Customer/OEM Customer. The Warranty Period of any replacing Product shall be the same remaining for the replaced Product; Lack of answer by NT Sensors within the term expressed above shall be deemed as a rejection of Customer/OEM Customer´s claim. Any cost resulting from analysis or essays to ascertain if non- conformity exists, shall be paid by NT Sensors should the result show Product non-conformity and by Customer/OEM Customer in case they are conforming; Replacement Products may be either new or equivalent in performance to new. NT Sensors does not warrant: (i) that the components in any replacement Product come from the same supplier or are exactly the same as in the replaced Product; nor (ii) that the operation of Products will be uninterrupted or error free. Products may contain remanufactured parts equivalent to new in performance or may have been subject to incidental use.

Shipping and examination costs under the Warranty

Repair service can be obtained by sending the non-conforming Product to NT Sensors (shipping costs pre-paid), only after a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is obtained from NT Sensors´s After Sales Service, according to the instructions received from our Customer.

Service Department. Some of our Products are protected with a safety seal and by removing this seal, Customer/OEM Customer shall be waiving this Warranty. If the Product is found upon examination by NT Sensors to be defective, NT Sensors shall bear shipping costs incurred in returning the Product to Customer/OEM Customer, as well as all costs involved in NT Sensors’s examination of the Product. If the Product is found upon examination by NT Sensors to be conforming, Customer/OEM Customer shall bear shipping costs incurred in returning the Product. NT Sensors may, at its discretion, demand the Product claimed to be non-conforming to be inspected or tested by an independent third party acceptable to NT Sensors.

Scope of the Warranty The scope of this Warranty is limited to hardware components in the main board, sensor board and sensor holders, manufactured by NT Sensors.

Consumable parts Warranty

The Products that are considered Consumable ( sensors, electrodes, standards) are not included in the general warranty. NT Sensors warranties for consumable a 3 month from the date of delivery, invoice document, or shipping document giving evidence. The Consumable warranty covers any manufacturing defect. It must be note than the lifespan of the Consumable Products could be less than this warranty period due to the use, the sample type/matrix, or the storage conditions. NT Sensors will replace without additional cost the Consumable part which, after being revised have been considered as “defect from origin”.

Consumable Warranty limitations

The warranty of the sensors does not cover the defects caused by: -inadequate use, -the usual aging of the sensor, -the logic premature aging caused by certain samples, -the damaged caused by accident.

Warranty exclusions

This Warranty does not apply to non-conformities resulting from: Hardware. Any hardware component manufactured by third parties, either integrated in the Products or sold together with the Products as a kit, and namely, but not limited to:

  • Any external component which get deteriorated through normal wear and tear, such as sensor probes, cables, connectors, etc;
  • Any perishable component, such as calibrated ion sensors, which lose a small percentage of its original calibration monthly. Sensors. This product is not covered by warranty because it is a consumable item. NT Sensors SL shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any malfunctions of the product, any erasusre of data or any uses of the product.