Optimizing Wine Quality with Advanced Potassium Analysis

Explore the fascinating world of wine chemistry and understand why potassium is essential to maintaining the chemical and organoleptic stability of wine.

Discover how our potassium meter “Imacimus K-Vi” revolutionizes oenology, providing fast and accurate measurements to ensure the best quality of wine. Learn more about potassium management and its critical impact on the taste, aroma and stability of wine.

Product Description

Imacimus K-Vi is a state-of-the-art potassium analyzer, ideal for precise determination of potassium in wine. This potassium measuring instrument provides reliable results in a matter of seconds, facilitating thorough control during the winemaking process.

Impact of Potassium on Wine Quality

Potassium plays a fundamental role in winemaking. Its proper management directly influences the taste, colour and aroma profile of the wine. Learn how accurate potassium control can significantly improve the quality of your wine.

Advantages of Using Potassium Measurement

Using our potassium sensor in winemaking ensures superior quality and greater stability of the final product. Discover how potassium measurement can transform your oenological process.

Measurement Process K-

With the Imacimus K-Vi, the measurement of potassium in wine is simple and direct. Our system ensures fast calibration and precise analysis, allowing for immediate evaluation of the quality of the wine.



Are you ready to take your wine production to the next level? Contact us for a demonstration of Imacimus K-Vi and discover the difference that accurate potassium analysis can make in your wine.