Imacimus 10: Revolutionizing Ion Measurement

Advanced Agriculture Solutions

Revolutionize Farming with imacimus 10 Full

Portable Lab

1 Unique Meter

Optimize fertilizer usage for maximum crop yield with precise nutrient measurement.

10 Up Parameters

Advanced electrochemical techniques for accurate yield management.

60 Seconds Efficiency

Quick and efficient resource management, reducing environmental impact.

Advanced Potentiometry Technique

Economical, easy-to-operate in situ analysis with a wide concentration measurement range.

Essential for determining pH, CE, and nutrient-soluble ions like nitrates, chlorides, and more.

Measure 7 ions plus pH, EC, and water hardness. Perfect for comprehensive soil analysis.

Discover the Future of Farming

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A Unique Approach to Ion Analysis

Introducing the Imacimus 10, a unique and advanced ion meter capable of analyzing up to 10 parameters in just 60 seconds. This precision instrument is designed for a wide range of applications, providing rapid and accurate results.

1 Unique Meter for Optimal Performance

The Imacimus 10 is not just any meter; it’s a one-of-a-kind solution for precise fertilizer dosing and optimal performance in various environmental conditions.

10 Up Parameters: Advanced Electrochemical Technique

Featuring advanced electrochemical techniques, the Imacimus 10 delivers precision and accuracy in managing yield evolution, making it a leader in its field.

60 Seconds to Measure 10 Parameters

Boasting a quick 60-second turnaround time, the Imacimus 10 Multi ION equipment promotes rational resource use and reduces environmental impact.

Versatile Applications of Imacimus 10

The Imacimus 10 Multi ION & pH meter is versatile, ideal for applications in wastewater, well water, seawater, drinking water, and more.

    • Wastewater Analysis
    • Well Water Testing
    • Seawater and Salinity Measurements
    • Drinking Water Safety Checks

Complete Kit for Comprehensive Analysis

The Imacimus 10 comes as a complete kit, including ISE electrodes, probes, a reference electrode, potentiometer, standard calibration solutions, pH buffers, and a measurement case for thorough sample analysis.

Innovative Technology Behind Imacimus 10

Utilizing solid-state ion-selective electrodes and nanotechnology, the Imacimus 10 allows for the miniaturization of ISEs, enabling the determination of up to 10 parameters using just two probes.

Validation and Reliability

Validated by NT Sensors, the Imacimus 10 has been tested and compared with results from four different laboratories, confirming its reliability and consistency in analysis.

Discover the Future of Farming

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