NT Sensors opens its new installations!

NT Sensors, which emerged more than fifteen years ago from the laboratories of the University of Rovira i Virgili (URV), celebrates its worldwide success by opening its new office in Vila Seca. This is a further reflection of the company’s commitment to continuing to evolve and consolidate in the market.

The celebration took place on February 22nd and attended workers, media and the board of partners of NT Sensors, who celebrated the success of the company. Cristina Cid, CEO and co-founder of NT Sensors, believed almost two decades ago in the potential of new electrochemical sensors to quickly analyze aqueous samples, and with the hand of the URV and the members of her research group, decided to embark on the adventure of transforming her idea into a commercial product. Today, NT Sensors has become a company capable of doing analytics in very diverse sectors such as agriculture, industry or water quality control.


NT SensorsAfter two decades, the team at NT Sensors can be completely proud of the company’s satisfactory business career.

Although it is now a firm established in the market, as in the vast majority of beginnings, the first years were not easy at all. At first, the company received negative responses from large companies, who were reluctant to innovate by testing their products. They started from scratch and without the possibility of making a big marketing capable of promote their products in a competitive market. The result we can see now is the result of many years of hard work and a team committed to achieving their goals, thanks to which NT Sensors has managed to be part of the international market and that its sensors come out from Tarragona to every corner of the world.

NT Sensors is the clear example that a spin-off born from university research can become a successful company and be competitive in the market.