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Unlocking the Science Behind Ion Selective Electrodes

How They Work and Their Importance in Modern Analytical Chemistry Ion selective electrodes are an essential tool in modern analytical chemistry, offering highly accurate and precise measurements of specific ions in a solution. While they have their limitations, ISEs offer several advantages over traditional analytical techniques, including their speed and ease of use, their versatility, […]

Analysis in Spirulina cultivations, Nitrogen and PH

ANALYSIS FOR SPIRULINA CULTIVATIONS At NTSensors, we provide a cost effective solution for the analysis in Spirulina platensis growing medium at large scale production. The commercial mass-production of Spirulina has gained worldwide attention for its use in human food supplements, animal feed and pharmaceuticals. Spirulina contains up to its 70% weight in protein, high amounts […]

Chloride for ion selective electrode

  The Chloride Ion Selective Electrode is a crucial tool for measuring chloride ion concentrations and activities in aqueous solutions. Its selectivity, affordability, and ease of use make it a popular choice for a variety of applications in different fields, including environmental monitoring, food and beverage production, and pharmaceuticals. With proper care and attention to […]

What is a nitrate ion?

What is a nitrate ion? A nitrate ion is a molecule that consists of one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms, with a charge of -1. It is a common form of nitrogen that is found in soil, water, and air. How is nitrate ion formed? Nitrate ion is formed through a process called nitrification, […]

Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode: Quick and Accurate Solution for Various Applications

Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode: Quick, Accurate and Economical Solution for Various Applications The ammonium ion selective electrode is an indispensable tool for measuring the concentration of ammonium ions in aqueous solutions. It offers a quick, simple, accurate, and economical way to monitor ammonium ion levels, making it ideal for use in various applications, such as […]

Science to save the Mar Menor:

Science to save the Mar Menor: The innovative automatic ion analyzer AMIC7 The innovative AMIC7 automatic ion analyzer is the necessary tool to combat water pollution in the Mar Menor, a region of Murcia, Spain, known for its crystal clear waters and rich marine life Join us on this journey to learn how this find […]

Ion sensors in agriculture: technology and sustainability

Ion sensors in agriculture are devices that detect the concentration of a given ION in a solution. Its use contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of agricultural processes. These ion sensors are useful for precision agriculture, a technique that seeks to optimize resource use and improve agricultural productivity. By measuring the potential of nitrogen […]