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Science to save the Mar Menor:

Science to save the Mar Menor: The innovative automatic ion analyzer AMIC7

The innovative AMIC7 automatic ion analyzer is the necessary tool to combat water pollution in the Mar Menor, a region of Murcia, Spain, known for its crystal clear waters and rich marine life

Join us on this journey to learn how this find can be the savior of the Mar Menor.

The Mar Menor, a natural paradise in the region of Murcia, Spain, is known for its crystal clear waters and rich marine life. In recent years, however, it has fallen victim to serious pollution due to the presence of nutrients such as ammonium, nitrogen and others, which can have harmful effects on the ecological balance of the ecosystem.

To combat this problem, our scientists have developed an automatic AMIC7 ion analyzer that generates solutions to measure the levels of these nutrients in the water of the Mar Menor and in all fertigation and leachate processes that can generate an excess of input. This device is crucial to detect early pollution and take measures to protect biodiversity and water quality in the area.

Ammonium, nitrogen, among others, are essential nutrients for the growth of algae and other aquatic organisms, but in excess they can be harmful to the ecological balance of the ecosystem. If there are too many nutrients in the water, an algal overload can occur, which in turn can deplete oxygen and create “dead zones” where marine life cannot survive. Thanks to the automatic ion analyzer, scientists can accurately measure ammonium and nitrogen levels in Mar Menor water, allowing water managers to take immediate action to prevent pollution and protect the health of the marine ecosystem. This device is a valuable tool for long-term monitoring of water quality in the Mar Menor.

The recovery of the Mar Menor will be a “very long process
complex” and will last for decades

By measuring nutrient levels in water on a regular basis, trends and patterns can be detected over time and resource management adjustments made to protect the area’s biodiversity. In conclusion, the automatic ion analyzer is a vital tool in the fight against water pollution in the Mar Menor. By allowing accurate, real-time measurement of nutrient levels, immediate action can be taken to protect the marine ecosystem and maintain water quality in the area.


With the help of this technology and responsible resource management, we can ensure the conservation of the Mar Menor and its rich biodiversity for future generations. Discover how a revolutionary automatic ion analyzer can be the solution to restore water quality in the Mar Menor.

This innovative device generates precise solutions in real time to combat pollution caused by ammonium, nitrogen and others. Thanks to its efficiency and speed, it can be a crucial tool for protecting the environment and aquatic life in the Mar Menor.


4 Features of Hydroponic Nutrient Sensor

Hydroponic Nutrient Sensor

Hydroponics nutrient sensor for analysis

Hydroponics is an alternative method of growing food using water instead of soil. The hydroponic nutrient sensor meter and nutrient meter track nutrient levels.


Hydroponic nutrient analyzer info


4 Features of Hydroponic Nutrient Sensor

  1. It measures nitrogen levels with an ISE nitrogen sensor. A nitrogen sensor measures the nitrogen level in its solution. You can use this data to determine whether you need to add more fertilizer or not.
  2. Monitors nitrate levels with a nitrate ISE sensor. A nitrate sensor monitors nitrate levels in its solution. This allows you to see how much nitrate is available in your solution.
  3. Detects ammonia levels with an ammonium ISE sensor. The ammonia sensor detects ammonium levels in water. It will let you know when the level is too high. You can adjust the pH of your solution to reduce ammonia levels.
  4. Check pH levels with an ISE pH sensor. A pH sensor is a small device that connects to the sample. It measures the pH of your water and checks data. This allows you to see how your plants are doing.

Water Quality Monitor

A pH sensor will alert you when the pH level drops below 5.5 or rises above 7.0. If you notice a sudden drop in pH levels, you should check your water quality immediately. You can also use an inline pH sensor to measure the pH of your water every day.


imacimus 10

Control all the nutrients in your hydroponics with lab accuracy.

With imacimus 10 it is possible, fast and accurate!

imacimus 10

imacimus 10 parameters 60sec


Multi Probe

imacimus Multi ion


Single ION pH

pH single ion


imacimus meter

imacimus meter


USB cable

USB Cable


NT Sensors software

software imacimus

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Hydroponics nutrient meter an indispensable tool.


Embarking on a journey through hydroponics, one quickly discovers the pivotal role of a hydroponic nutrient meter. Interestingly, this tool is akin to a personal garden assistant, diligently monitoring and providing vital insights into the nutrient conditions your plants are immersed in.

Furthermore, the essence of using a hydroponic nutrient meter is found in its remarkable precision and user-friendliness. Whether you’re an expert grower or a novice, this device remarkably simplifies the process of ensuring optimal nutrient delivery to your plants. Essentially, it acts as a transparent window into the nutrient solution – the lifeblood of your hydroponic system.

Let’s delve deeper into how this ingenious device can revolutionize your hydroponic gardening:

1. Real-Time Monitoring: Imagine the convenience of knowing the precise nutrient levels in your system at any moment. This is precisely what a hydroponic nutrient meter offers. Consequently, you’ll avoid the guesswork of whether your plants are under or over-nourished.

2. Tailored Nutrition: Each plant species has its unique nutritional needs. Fortunately, with a nutrient meter, you can customize the nutrient solution to meet these specific demands. It’s comparable to creating a specialized diet for your plants, ensuring robust growth and health.

3. Early Detection of Imbalances: Occasionally, imbalances occur in hydroponic systems. Significantly, a nutrient meter aids in early detection of these issues, averting potential harm to your plants. This early detection leads to prompt solutions, maintaining a flourishing garden.

4. Simplifies the Learning Curve: For beginners, hydroponics can initially seem challenging. However, a nutrient meter greatly reduces the complexity of nutrient management, enabling newcomers to quickly learn and grow like seasoned gardeners.

A hydroponic nutrient meter is not just a simple tool; it’s a transformative element for anyone committed to their hydroponic garden. It equips you with crucial knowledge and control, resulting in healthier plants, more abundant yields, and a more gratifying gardening experience. Here’s to successful and enjoyable growing!

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