NT Sensors S.L.

NT Sensors offer an efficient solution on analysis of chemical ionic species. The implementation of the nanotechnology into a laboratory classical technique, such ion-selective electrodes (ISE), has overcome the traditional drawbacks on the classic ones.

NT Sensors can supply adapted electrodes to be applied in specific products with design in order to match customer’s existing equipment.

The company founded on 2008, designs, develops and manufactures electrodes based on the patented technology of ion-selective electrodes based carbon nanotubes. Also design, develop and manufactures all the equipment in order to obtain fast and reliable measures, in a easy and robust way, at laboratory or out at field.

NT Sensors have its own I+D+I department, formed by a team able to execute projects on customer demand, collaborate with third-party companies, to ask for EU projects or confidential research programs. From the evaluation process before start up any work, including the time-work and result presentation, all is under the most strict confidentially agreements conditions.


NT Sensors company offer to its customers a new generation of products, and with them, the chance to have the authentic laboratory on hand.

Quality results on the hands of non-technical people, and very high-tech equipment for the most exigent researchers. We provide for each analysis requirement, the best approximation to optimize the results on ion concentration.

After studying your requirements, with the chemical and technical evaluation, we will answer you about the optimum product to use in you production process.


Our innovation and excellence are your success.

We dedicate ourselves to pinpointing and overcoming the challenges of the future with our innovative sensor technologies. We act sustainably to deliver outstanding outcomes for our company, our customers, and our shareholders. The key to our success is a respectful corporate culture in which we can develop our skills and expertise in an optimum way. We think and act as one global team.


Excellence, innovation and proximity serve as the compass for our actions. They shape a strong corporate culture that makes our vision a reality.

Excellence stands for our aspiration to provide the highest level of precision and quality. Our applications and sensor solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. Our products help and respect the environment

Innovation is the future. The importance of reinventing ourselves and improving day by day is reflected in our way of working. Through continuous technological advancement, we overcome the challenges of tomorrow: with a pioneering, specialized approach and a focus on development.

Proximity is the key to our success. Our human team acquires a commitment with each individual customer, in order to offer a customized relationship and specific answers towards any need. Personal contact is a high priority for us.