Fertilizer analysis

In the precision agriculture is a core business to monitor crop nutritional information on-site. It is known that the quick and multiparametric analyzer system IMACIMUS allows to monitor the water and the nutrient uptake of the crop and provides growers on how to adjust their irrigation and fertilizers to the optimal level.

However, in this technical article shows a new application of the IMACIMUS equipment for quality control in the manufacture of the fertilizers themselves. Other applications involve the analysis of the fertirrigation solutions, and the liquid fertilizer among others.

It is shown that with the analysis of known solutions of each fertilizer through the IMACIMUS probe, we get comparable results to those obtained by conventional but more expensive laboratory analysis.

We do directly measurements in mg/L (or mmol/L) for each ion and these values are easily transformed by means of a formula for any unit mineral component of the fertilizer to be compared with lab results.

Keywords: quick analysis, multiparametric analysis, irrigation, water, nutrients, cations, anions, crop, minerals, fertilizers, quality control, production, fertilizer manufacturers, carbon nanotubes, nanotechnology, laboratory, real time, measurement, analytical, selectivity

Technical document – Application Note (pdf)