Single ION

Single ION is the trade name for the last generation of all-solid-state ion selective ion electrodes .

Electrodes seem to be similar in shape to standard half-cell ion selective electrodes from the laboratory. By contrast,  they incorporate the latest innovation nanotechnology as transducer element.

Also innovative and disruptive concept of electrochemical sensors. They not only are solid state. The special properties of carbon nanotubes provide a high level of stability and sensitivity. With a functional and robust design, these sensors require zero maintenance and operate in all positions. You need a reference electrode to work with.

The Single ION can replace its sensor module by just one second by user. Renew electrodes or exchange it from all the available parameters

Ion selective electrodes of Single ION range low the user to get quality laboratory measurements in a simple, reliable and economical. Its use is in combination with a reference electrode.

Compatible with any mV/ION/pH meter with BNC input


Diameter 12 mm
Lenght 150 mm
Connector BNC
Cable 1m, 3m or 5m length

Holder for 1 tip of Mini 4.6 Electrode

Works with a Standard Reference Electrode

Standard Ion/mV/pH Meters.

half cell ise


  • (NH4+) Ammonium
  • (NO2-) Nitrite
  • (NO3-) Nitrate
  • pH (CNT_ISE)
  • Reference Electrode
  • (ClO4-) Perchlorate
  • (Ag+) Silver
  • (Br-) Bromide
  • (I-) Iodide
  • (Ca2+) Calcium
  • (Cl-) Chloride
  • (Cu2+) Copper
  • (F-) Fluoride
  • (K+) Potassium
  • (Li+) Lithium
  • (Mg2+) Magnesium
  • (Na+) Sodium


  • Solid State
  • Insensitive to light intensity changes
  • Without Maintenance
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Measures in any position / orientation
  • Easy to us
  • Minimum consumption of sample / reagents
  • Compatible with other Ion meters 0.1mV resolution
  • Standard BNC Connector