Multi ION Probe

Multi ION (Nanotube-based selective Electrodes)

NT Sensors presents worldwide on Ion Multi System, a modular analysis that allows simultaneously quantifying the concentration of various ions in the same sample.
This innovative concept allows the multiformétrica 6 ions simultaneously measure reality.
A product that provides a simple, efficient and fast solution saving in reagents and analysis time. The Multi configured for ion probe can analyze from 2-6 different ions in the same diameter of only 25 mm.

New concept of multiparameter analysis.


Diameter 25 mm
Lenght 150 mm
Connector M12 / 7xBNC /Other Cable 1m. Other terminations

Available and customizable for different input. Compatible with multichannel meters with different BNC/or M12
multipin connector.

Works with a Standard Reference Electrode. For use with NTx meters.
Customizable OEM


  • (NH4+) Ammonium
  • (NO2-) Nitrite
  • (NO3-) Nitrate
  • pH (CNT_ISE)
  • Reference Electrode
  • (ClO4-) Perchlorate
  • (Ag+) Silver
  • (Br-) Bromide
  • (I-) Iodide
  • (Ca2+) Calcium
  • (Cl-) Chloride
  • (Cu2+) Copper
  • (F-) Fluoride
  • (K+) Potassium
  • (Li+) Lithium
  • (Mg2+) Magnesium
  • (Na+) Sodium


Miniature ion selective electrode. Half Cell Micro Electrode solid state compact. Requires a separate reference electrode for operation.

  • Solid State
  • Insensitive to light intensity changes
  • Without Maintenance
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Measures in any position / orientation
  • Easy to use
  • No pretreatment of the sample
  • Multiparameter meter available
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Different Connectors available