Mini ION 4.6 Modular and versatile

Half cell micro electrodes ( ion-selective or reference) based on carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotube allows to obtain a real solid state electrodes miniaturized. Ideal for research applications or ultra-low volume purposes. Work in all orientation. The properties that carbon nanotubes give our sensors allow you to turn the

miniaturization of these, retaining good performance in terms of ease of use and robustness of operation. Miniaturization in formats electrodes opens up measures in very small volumes of sample. The required small volumes needed to combined non-destructive nature of the technique, offer added value to this type of sensors.

Plastic body and gold plated pin connection.
Mini ION (Ion-selective micro electrodes based on nanotubes) available



Diameter 4,6 mm
Length 50 mm
Connector MMCX
Male Cable* 1m BNC to female plug *Optional


Imacimus Series
Application Standard Ion/mV/pH Meters. Works with a Standard Reference Electrode. Compatible with Single ION or Multi ION Head. Insert and replace your electrode in just 1 sec


  • (NH4+) Ammonium
  • (NO2-) Nitrite
  • (NO3-) Nitrate
  • pH (CNT_ISE)
  • Reference Electrode
  • (ClO4-) Perchlorate
  • (Ag+) Silver
  • (Br-) Bromide
  • (I-) Iodide
  • (Ca2+) Calcium
  • (Cl-) Chloride
  • (Cu2+) Copper
  • (F-) Fluoride
  • (K+) Potassium
  • (Li+) Lithium
  • (Mg2+) Magnesium
  • (Na+) Sodium


Miniature ion selective electrode. Half Cell Micro Electrode solid state compact. Requires a separate reference electrode for operation.

  • Solid State
  • Insensitive to light intensity changes
  • Without Maintenance
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Measures in any position / orientation
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum consumption of sample / reagents
  • Compatible with other mV meters / ion meters
  • Works with a reference electrode
  • Compatible with other mV meters / ion