Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode

The Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) can be used to measure the concentration of Nitrate (NO3) in aqueous samples.

Measure nitrogen from nitrate ions.  NT Sensors manufactures high quality, reliability and low volume Nitrate selective electrodes based on latest nanotechnology innovative research.

Nitrate concentration, which can be increased by acidic rainfall, fertilizer runoff from fields, and plant or animal decay or waste, is an important parameter in nearly all water quality studies. Use the Nitrate sensor to determine the concentration of the nitrate ion in a water sample.

The Nitrate ISE is a half reference electrode, all-solid state. Like all other PVC ISE membranes, the membrane on the ISE has a limited life expectancy. However, the replaceable module of ISE allows you to simply discard the used membrane module, and replace it with a new one. Check different modules and sensors available for nitrate

REF: M040

Miniaturized Electrode for Nitrate ions
Diameter: 2,5 mm
Minimum sample volume: 0,25 ml

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