Calcium Ion Selective Electrodes

Calcium sensors can be used to measure the total amount of calcium. This Calcium electrode combined with our ion meters is an easy, quick method used to check the amount of calcium present in water and related samples.

Calcium Ion Selective Electrode sensor specifically designed to measure 0.5 ppm to Saturated (5×10-6 M to Saturated) concentrations of Ca+2.

Measure calcium ion in a wide range of aqueous solutions.  Calcium half cell ion selective electrodes based on latest nanotechnology innovative research. Work with a reference electrode.

Applications include, but not limited to: Water Softening Systems, Drinking and Mineral Waters, Blood Electrolytes/Clinical Analysis.

Please check different available calcium sensors:

ion selective electrode

REF: M040
Diameter: 2,5 mm
Minimum sample volume: 0,25 ml

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