Imacimus 10: multi ion meter

Parametric analyzer

Our Electrochemical multiparametric equipment  – mV meters  – pH meters – ion meters are designed to simplify routine analysis using electrodes ion selective electrodesp and H, with the latest technology in the platforms and communications market.

Nutritional monitoring.

Compact and available at an affordable price, the multiparametric meter is one of the classic equipment, a multiparameter 8 channel meter able to readout up to eight simultanoeous channels. It offers great versatility, allowing continuous monitoring and customizing for up to five calibration points.

The multiparametric meter simultaneously calibrates all seven ions and stores data of each invididual calibration for single ions.

Allows batch and continous signal monitoring of up to 8 channels ( ppm / mol / mmol /mV /pH)

Lightweighted, small sized and fully portable with its power via USB. Works with a complete and intuitive software for PC or laptop.

Features and performance makes it essential for inexperienced users; but it’s also ideal for the most demanding experts.


Multiparametric meter

Number of Channels 8

Connector type 1 x BNC and USB input (8 pins)

Use with 1x Mini USB (power/data)

Compatible with pH, Single ION probe, MultiION Probe Half-cell Electrodes

Measuring range -2500 a 2500 mV

High impedance input 10 -12Ohms

Dimensions 130 x 100 x 30 mm . 5V 1A  Data and Power. Compact, lightweight portable and worldwide compatible.

8 – Channel ION/ pH /mV Meter

  • High impedance electrochemical meter
  • Simultaneous measurement of 2 or 8 channels
  • Individual calibration up to 5 points
  • GLP
  • Customize your own standards
  • mV reading
  • Online mV or Concentration monitoring
  • Data in *csv or Excel files
  • Software Windows ( required /included)

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