Ion meter and Ion Sensors for Arduino

Arduino platform is used for development customized solutions.

Our ion sensors, ion-selective electrodes, require a high impedance input to be readout. Use an ISE with an Arduino microntroller using our interface meters programmed for such use.

The NTx meter for Arduino (SKU: IC-ARD8A) is an electrochemical multiparametric meter to be used with Arduino in order to obtain measurements for different parameters. The interface is designed to directly use Arduino to read mV data from ion sensors. The meter runs directly from the Arduino 5V output, with less than 0.5A.

The mV reading then corresponds to the concentration of the ion for the particular ISE and pH that you are using.

The Meter for Arduino Boards allow measurement of up to 8 parameters simultaneously, using the technology of the multi-ion sensor. It is compatible for Single ION holder, and Multi ION probe holder.

This shield can be compatible with our multiparametric solutions ( able to calibrate up to seven parameters at one) and readout pH + Calcium + Chloride + Sodium + Nitrate + Potassium + Magnesium + Ammonium at once.

Other individual parameters from our sensor list available.

IC-ARD8A Meter and Sensor for Arduino

Channels 8
Connector type:

  •  1 x BNC ( pH or Reference)
  • 1 x USB 3.0 ( Single ION Probe or Multi ION Probe)
  • 4  Male Pin  ( Rx, Tx, GND, 5V) for Arduino
  • Mini USB ( alternate power input)

Arduino Sketch .ino available (iMaCIMUS INO)

Features Data for ION sensors obtained in the Arduino platform through Monitor Serial.

Dimensions 130 x 100 x 30 mm

iot sensors arduino board