Single ION

Single ION is the trade name for our selective ion electrodes that are similar in shape to standard half-cell ion selective electrodes from the laboratory. By contrast, they are solid state. The special properties of carbon nanotubes provide a high level of stability and sensitivity. With a functional and robust design, these sensors require zero maintenance and operate in all positions. You need a reference electrode to work with.

Ion selective electrodes of Single ION range llow the user to get quality laboratory measurements in a simple, reliable and economical. Its use is in combination with a reference electrode. NT1 and NT2 Compatible with ION METERS.


Diameter 12 mm
Lenght 145 mm
Connector BNC
Cable 1m, 3m or 5m length

Works with a Standard Reference Electrode Standard Ion/mV/pH Meters.


  • (NH4+) Ammonium
  • (NO2-) Nitrite
  • (NO3-) Nitrate
  • pH (CNT_ISE)
  • Reference Electrode
  • (ClO4-) Perchlorate
  • (Ag+) Silver
  • (Br-) Bromide
  • (I-) Iodide
  • (Ca2+) Calcium
  • (Cl-) Chloride
  • (Cu2+) Copper
  • (F-) Fluoride
  • (K+) Potassium
  • (Li+) Lithium
  • (Mg2+) Magnesium
  • (Na+) Sodium


Miniature ion selective electrode. Half Cell Micro Electrode solid state compact. Requires a separate reference electrode for operation.

  • Solid State
  • Insensitive to light intensity changes
  • Without Maintenance
  • Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
  • Measures in any position / orientation
  • Easy to us
  • Minimum consumption of sample / reagents
  • Compatible with other Ion meters 0.1mV resolution
  • Standard BNC Connector