Nutrient Analysis

nutrient analysis

The importance of nutrient analysis in precision agriculture, now available to everyone due to our laboratory caliber equipment.

IMACIMUS Multi ION is the tool to measure the macronutrients in all the key-points involved in your crop.

With Imacimus series you can obtain the ionic concentration of a nutrient solution in a simple manner, with the accuracy of a laboratory analysis provides the necessary information for the control cultivation. Proper management of nutrients levels is essential to ensure optimal fertilization and production crops. Systems allow analysis of NT Sensors know exact levels of most macro-nutrients to speak with agronomic benefits and technical level this means. Our analysis teams provide insight into the ionic strength of the leachate (drainage) that are not used by crops, in order to know which items are wasting and how much.

  • Better performance in cultivation
  • Maximize results
  • Increased product quality
  • Optimizing the use of fertilizer.
  • Save time and money
nutrient analysis
sap analysis
tap water
soil analysis

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