Modular Multi ION Probe

Type Probe multiparámetrica
Nº sensors 6 electrodos indicadores
Type electrodos Modular electrodes
Electrode de referencia Electrode modular
Sensor Temperatura Pt100 integrada
Diameter / length 25 mm / 220mm
Cable length / connection 1 m / tipo M12 (multipin)
Minimum sample volume 10 mL
Multi ION (Nanotube-based selective Electrodes)

NT Sensors presents worldwide on Ion Multi System, a modular analysis that allows simultaneously quantifying the concentration of various ions in the same sample.
This innovative concept allows the multiformétrica 6 ions simultaneously measure reality.
A product that provides a simple, efficient and fast solution saving in reagents and analysis time. The Multi configured for ion probe can analyze from 2-6 different ions in the same diameter of only 25 mm.

New concept of multiparameter analysis

Modular electrodes
Spare electrodes in 2 seconds by the user
Ready to use - no previous steps
Possibility of simultaneous calibration of all ions
Without maintenance
Minimal sample consumption ~10 mL
Using both field and laboratory

Main features
Solid State Configurable up to 6 ions
Without maintenance Replacing worn electrodes
Measuraments six simultaneous ion
Easy to use No pretreatment of the sample
Multiformetric equipmentNTx-ionmeter y NTb ionmeter u Conector M12 multipin

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