Automatic Equipment


AMI C7: Automatic Multi Ion Control for on line analysis

Equipment for simultaneous analysis of process water, waste water, hydroponics systems, algae reactors, and anywhere automatic information about ionic sample composition is needed.

Up to 7 ions simultaneously: Ca2+,Cl-,K+,Na+,NH4+, NO3-/pH
Up to 4 sample intake.
Direct measurement: Not sample pre-treatment necessary, not interfered by sample colour or turbidity.
Readings are obtained through multi ion probe configured with specific modular ion selective electrodes. This method provides a wide measurement range (see specifications table for each ion) and allows eliminating cross interferences using combinations of electrodes.
The equipment is built on an IP66 box to be placed in or outside.
Sample intake configured according sampling point (atmospheric pressure or positive pressure)
Auto diagnose functions are ready to inform users.
Easy start-up and handling.
Final configuration customized according user needs

Available configurations

AMI C7 BasicAMI C7+ Arduino AMIC C7 4-20mA
Characteristics Automatic calibration, measurement and cleaning.
Storage 5 - 40 °C max 95% relative humidity)
Dimensions 380 x 380 x 210 mm
Sampling frequency Customizable. 20 sample/ hour (max).
Connectivity RS232/USB Digital/Open Source 4-20mA
Software/Data output Windows (*.csv/txt) SD Card(*.txt) 4-20mA /SD Card(*.txt)
Power supply 24V / 4A
Type Multichannel ISE
Channels 7 + Tª (optional)
Probe type Multi ION Probe
Available electrodes Ca2+/Cl-/K+/Na+/NH4+/NO3-/pH
pH probe yes
Based technique Ion selective electrodes
Output mg/L ó mmol/L
Concentration range see detailed ion >/a>
Acquisition time < 4 min
Min sample volume 100mL

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