IMA-LAB: The new era of the pH meter and ion-selective.

Irrigation water management, nutrient solutions and fertilizers


Ionmeters designed to simplify routine analysis using electrodes ion selective electrodes, pH, with the latest technology in the platforms and communications market.

The IMA-LAB is designed for obtaining accurate and easily treatable or export results. Its capacitive screen 7 "(Tablet) provides the ability to collect multiple data analysis completely editable and export them to a csv or email them by clicking a single icon.

The IMA-LAB comes with a peripheral device having a 220V power outlet, 2 standard BNC connectors (expandable to 6) and a connector for a Pt100. The assembly includes a universal support for up to 4 12mm diameter electrodes. The touch screen is a 7 "tablet with the application pre-installed. You can take measurements in your laboratory and then take her to his office for use as any other tablet and share results. It comes with a 7 "tablet with the application pre-installed.

Features & specs IMA-LAB, desktop meter pH / ion meter/Temp. nº CAT: IM-Lab-01      
pH Tampons USA or NIST
Up to 8 calibration points
Custom calibration Tampons
Range  0 - 14 pH
Resolution   0,01 pH
Accuracy ± 0,01 pH
ION Units: ppm or mmol/L
5 Puntos de calibración predefinidos
Editing customizable calibration points (max 8)
Different measurement modes
System calibration verification
Calibration and direct measurement; standard additions technique
Range  0 - 99.999 ppm 0 - 999 mmol/L
Resolution   0,1 ppm 0,01 mmol/L
Accuracy ± 1 % (monovalents) ± 2 % (divalents)
Data Automatic generation of data (*csv) files
Store large amount of data
Expandable memory with SD card
Data transfer through WiFi/email or USB
Dual channel input for pH, ORP or ISE electrodes
Temperature probe input
Power supply 5V/2A
7”Capactive - Touch Screen
GLP Date and Time screen visible
Languages: English and Spanish
Id analyst and samples
Temp 0-50ºC
Resolution   0,1 ºC
Accuracy ± 0,2ºC
Sensor temperatura tipo pt100
Inputs pH/ISE: BNC 1 (1e12 Ω) BNC 2 (1e12 Ω)
Temperature: Jack 2.5mm (for PT100 probe)
Power supply (DC in 220V)

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