Multi ION line; IMA CIMUS. The key for precision agriculture

Kit Multi ION, application IMA CIMUS : Nutrient & pH Analyser

Proper management of nutrients levels is essential to ensure optimal fertilization and production crops. The Multi ION system lets you know the exact levels of most macronutrients to speak with agronomic benefits and technical level this means.

The new generation of electrodes allow going beyond traditional measures of pH and conductivity. A comprehensive real-time control and make the grower can act quickly and specifically about their crop, without sending samples to the laboratory for analysis.      
The IMA CIMUS Nutrient & pH Analyser includes all necessary to perform the simultaneous analysis of 7 nutrients and pH, easily and reliably.

Versions available

IMA CIMUS application (Multi ION for agriculture)
Meter Type Multiparametric ION meter
Number of channels 7 + 1 + Tª
Software Windows Yes
Electrodes Head /Holder 1 ( Multi ION modular probe)
Electrodes available Ca2+/Cl-/K+/Na+/NH4+/NO3-/Mg+/pH
(simultaneous measurement 1 min)
Power supply Power supply por USB (5V/1A)
Technical analysis Potentiometry: Calibration and direct measurement
Number of samples > 1000*
Log Capacity 100.000 samples
Results mg/L or mmol/L
Concentration range see by ion (see table)
Time per sample < 1 min
Volume min-max 10 mL - 100mL sample
Pretreatment sample No necessary

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