Multi ION line; IMA CIMUS. The key for precision agriculture


Versions available

IMA CIMUS application (Multi ION for agriculture)
Meter Type Multiparametric ION meter
Number of channels 7 + 1
Software Windows Yes
Electrodes Head /Holder 1 ( Multi ION modular probe)
Electrodes available Ca2+/Cl-/K+/Na+/NH4+/NO3-/Mg+/pH
(simultaneous measurement 1 min)
Power supply Power supply por USB (5V/1A)
Technical analysis Potentiometry: Calibration and direct measurement
Number of samples > 1000*
Log Capacity 100.000 samples
Results mg/L or mmol/L
Concentration range see by ion (see table)
Time per sample < 1 min
Volume min-max 10 mL - 100mL sample
Pretreatment sample No necessary

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