Irrigation water management, nutrient solutions and fertilizers

The importance of nitrate in golf

The analytical system for control of macro nutrients NT Sensors, SL It is ideal for fertigation optimization tool. To measure in situ, the ionic strength of a nutrient solution, easily, with the precision of a laboratory analysis enables us to know:

The concentration of the nutrient solution we designed for our culture and check that the solution we bring to the golf course or sports meadow is appropriate, depending on the stage of development we have throughout the year
The concentration of a liquid fertilizer, in order to know the wealth provided by a dealer, if the concentration is appropriate and conforms to what we have asked.
We can measure continuously or discretely, the effluents of a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in order to take advantage of different nutrients that every moment out of it.
From an aqueous extract of soil we can measure the ionic concentration of the soil in relation to the main lawn or nutritional requirements of cultivated plants we have in the sports facility.
From a water extract of the grass, obtained from a certain number of blades, we can know the ionic strength of the sheets and, consequently, the nutritional status of the crop, in order to compare with reference tables.
We can know the ionic strength of the leachate (drainage) that are not used by the crops, in order to know which items are wasting and how much. In this regard it should be remembered that the current legislation prohibits a spill containing more than 50 parts per million (mg • L-1 p: v) of nitrate (NO3-).

DENIT Aplication:Main features
Easy and intuitive measure
Without reagent consumption / by sample A single calibration
No pretreatment of the sample Unaffected by color
Not affected by turbidity of the sample Not affected by the presence of suspended particles
Validated by the Polytechnic University of Madrid!Compact and lightweight

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