Electrochemical measuring system IMACIMUS 3 & NT TWO

Type ISE meter
Number of probes 1 (combi ION) 1 (dual ION)
Number of channels 1 2
Technical analysis Calibration and direct measurement
Number of sample Más de 500
Log Capacity 100.000 samples
Results mg/L ó mmol/L
Concentration range depending ion (view)
Time per sample < 1 min
Volume min-max 10 mL - 100mL sample
Pretreatment sample No necessary.
Results Software PC included
(necessary PC/laptop)


The kits incorporate all Necessary material for any user to perform analysis 1 or 2 ionic species in a fast, easy and reliable way.
--> KIT NT_ONE: Determination of 2 IONS & pH Simultaneously
--> KIT NT_TWO: Determination of two ionic species simultaneously
The simplicity of the measurement
The measure of nutrients is a simple process, which basically can be summed up in 3 steps:
1. Preparation of the sample An aliquot of sample (10 ml) is taken. No pretreatment. It may be colored and with suspended particles. Not Necessary to filter

2. Calibration of probe The sensor is calibrated with 2 standards, following the guided instruction software (Windows).

3. Measures The probe was inserted into the sample and in 1 minute
NT_ONE system / NT_TWO analysis allows direct measurement of the exact concentration of ions, thereby resulting in a faster and more reliable analysis. The measures are based on potentiometric selective electrode technique, simple and efficient, capable of performing analysis in just a few seconds with a quick calibration and pH measurement technique.

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