Ion selective electrode combined

Type Electrode combined
Diameter / length 12 mm / 145mm
Cable length / connection 1 m / tipo BNC
Minimum sample volume 500 microliters
Combi ION (Nanotube-based selective Electrodes)

Electrode combined classic format. Integra ion selective electrode and reference electrode, both solid state. The ideal for the analysis of an ionic species quickly, easily and effectively format.
The combination of properties offered by potentiometry and differential characteristics of ESIs based on carbon nanotubes, make the ION Combi is perfect for a content analysis of a specific ion in a sample of aqueous base.

Main features
Solid State Insensitive to light intensity changes
Without Maintenance Insensitive to oxygen or redox species.
Measures in any position / orientation
Easy to use Minimum consumption of sample / reagents
Compatibles con otros ionómetros resolución de0.1mV Standard BNC Connector

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