Combination electrode

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Combined electrode similar to the classic model. Integrated reference electrode

Solid state!

Miniaturized electrode

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Mini selective ion electrode. Half-cell electrode solid state and small size

Ideal research

Modular probe Multi ION

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Innovative concept allows multiformeter actually measure up to 6 ions simultaneously

Individual sensors

Dual ION

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A probe which includes two selective electrodes and a reference electrode, both in the solid state.

Dual ION

Compact Ionometers

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Ion meters for PC, offering great versatility, monitoring, up to five calibration points, at an incredible cost.


Multi ION Ionmeter

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Multiparameter measurement up to 6 ions simultaneously in calibration and measures ..

The new generation

Desktop Ionmeters

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The revolution in the electrochemical instrumentation. Independent display for measurement.


pH and Conductivity

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Brochure of electrodes and meters for pH and conductivity. For all applications.

Wide range


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Multi ION calibration solutions, standard solutions, reagents, buffers pH, spare parts, etc. ..

Standards and Accessories